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The business of renewable energy has accelerated rapidly in the last decade. Societies around the world are learning new ways to harness energy from natural sources, and with that comes the advent of new technologies, scientific discoveries, and business opportunities. Global Renewables Online (GRO), an international digital magazine, works with major multi-national organizations, companies, and field experts to share successes in renewable energy development. From infrastructure projects to new renewable energy development technologies, GRO’s mandate is to bring the latest in renewable developments to readers around the world. The magazine is one source, one window, into the most advanced forms of energy production.

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In 2003, Australian Michael Humphreys started the Apricus Solar Company, at the outset of what would become a huge push towards renewable energy development. In 2005, Apricus Australia was launched under the guidance of Chris Taylor, whom GRO had the pleasure of speaking with to learn more about Apricus’ technology and progress—as the competition rises for solar hot water products around the world. - view here


The year 2011 was a remarkable one for renewable energy in Canada. As hardship and crises plagued many of the world’s economies, a town in Nova Scotia celebrated the renewal of a manufacturing legacy that would spark national attention. - view here


Ecotex has a motto—to “create raving fans” of customers. The company has been providing laundry and linen management services to hospitals, ambulatory care centers and medical facilities for more than 30 years, and in that time Ecotex has proven that the trust of their clients is built, not won. - view here


MTS Environmental is solely focused on bettering the biodigestive systems in the natural environment. The company has spent its tenure developing 100 per cent natural, innovative solutions for agriculture, municipal, residential, recreational and industrial organic waste and water environmental issues. The company attests that its “products restore a natural balance of microbial life, activating the natural biodigestion system to eliminate the cause and symptoms.” - view here


The co-founder and CEO of Urban Green Energy (UGE), Nick Blitterswyck, grew up with the great Canadian outdoors in his DNA. On Vancouver Island, where his parents were the caretakers of a nature reserve, he discovered his passion for preserving the awe-inspiring beauty of our earth. - view here

Sky Mining

SkyMining is a leading and innovative provider of economic renewable energy solutions for remote industry, regional communities, and commercial buildings.  The company is focused on helping regional and rural Australian mines, farms, businesses and communities to take advantage of their abundant natural solar resource - view here