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energy mix, and noted the significant
role they want geothermal to play
particularly when they look at long
term climate goals. They expressed a
genuine commitment to working out
the policies and programs necessary to
make that possible.
JR Delarosa, Renewable Energy
Advisor, Office of Governor Brown
commented: “In terms of looking at
the future, The Desert Renewable En-
ergy Plan in the Mojave desert is go-
ing to identify key areas both for de-
velopment as well as species habitat
conservation. In the Imperial Valley
there’s going to be significant portions
for geothermal so there is going to be
permitting assurance there, once the
DREP is completed. That’s pretty excit-
ing, and there’s a significant amount of
geothermal there.”
“Transmission is typically the
longest lead time item in the develop-
ment process and that’s why the ISO
has worked so hard developing a new
approach to transmission and its foot-
print, so that we can take the input as-
sumptions from policy makers and in-
corporate those into what we plan for
the system to provide. With those in-
put assumptions we can build the plan
to make those resources deliverable,”
said Karen Edson, Vice-President, Poli-
cy and Client Services, California ISO.
Dr. Jane C.S. Long, Co-Chair,
California’s Energy Future Commit-
tee, California Council on Science and
Technology discussed the Council’s
recent report on California’s energy
future which underscored the im-
portance of geothermal. The report
looks at whether the state can achieve
its 2050 climate goals, and concludes
there are serious issues to address. The
report’s conclusion notes, “Perhaps the
biggest choice the State needs to make
is whether (or how much) to ensure it
has baseload power generation. To the
extent that we want baseload power,
the question will be where it should
come from. Geothermal energy will
likely prove to be an excellent and ac-
ceptable choice…”
Halley Dickey is Director Geo-
thermal Business Development Re-
newable Energy Systems for TAS En-
ergy, which brought three geothermal
projects online this year: “The GEA
Summit was one of the first times
we’ve had a constructive two-way
dialogue with legislative positions and
governing bodies that are key to the
geothermal industry and its success in
the west. Now that we’ve talked about
being firm and flexible, we need to
work together with regulators to re-
ally understand the importance of long
term planning.”
During the Summit’s morning
session, California State Senator Alex
Padilla (D-Pacoima) noted the im-
portance of diversity in the portfolio,
and that California should take pride
in its role as leader in geothermal: “I
hope geothermal is front and center for
many years to come.”
State Assembly member V. Manu-
el Pérez (D-Coachella) referencing the
enormous geothermal potential in Im-
perial County noted: “Why is it, that in
my own backyard, in one of the most
economically depressed parts of the
state, the Hudson Ranch I is the first
geothermal to go online there in 20
years?” He continued: “Continue fight-
ing this good fight. It’s a good cause.”
The industry will continue the
conversation when they head to Reno,
Nev., for the GEA Geothermal Energy
Expo and GRC Annual Meeting from
Sept. 30-Oct. 3. For more information,
visit http://www.geothermalener-
To schedule an interview with
a GEA representative, please contact
Shawna Seldon, The Rosen Group, at
917 971 7852 or Shawna@rosengroup-
About the Geothermal Energy Asso-
The Geothermal Energy Asso-
ciation (GEA) is a trade association
composed of U.S. companies who sup-
port the expanded use of geothermal
energy and are developing geothermal
Resources worldwide for electrical
power generation and direct-heat uses.
GEA advocates for public policies that
will promote the development and
utilization of geothermal Resources,
provides a forum
for the industry to
discuss issues and
problems, encour-
ages research and
development to
improve geother-
mal technologies,
presents industry views to governmen-
tal organizations, provides assistance
for the export of geothermal goods and
services, compiles statistical data about
the geothermal industry, and conducts
education and outreach projects. For
more information, please visit http:// Check out
GEA’s YouTube Channel. Follow GEA
on Twitter. Become a fan on Facebook.
CanSIA publishes message from the
Ottawa - “CanSIA is celebrating
its 20th Anniversary this year. Look-
ing back we can reflect with great sat-
isfaction on our successes and on the
growth of the Canadian solar industry.
The last two decades have also pre-
sented challenges. However our mem-
bership has met these challenges head-
on and emerged a stronger and more
resilient industry with a vibrant base
on which to build for the future.