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According to our friends at GBI Research, global
wind power capacity grew between 2010 and 2011
by 19%.
Now, to some that might not mean much, but with
the demand for sustainable energy escalating as
our global population increases--19% is a whopper
of a figure.
Our issue this month is very much wind-centric.
We bring you a cover story on Hydro Tasmania,
who have been able to build a business on hydro
and wind, doing extraordinarily well in both
areas, and highlight developments in the global
wind market courtesy of our networks around
the world. We highlight InWEA, an organization
that is seeing active participation in its events
and efforts to bring attention to the Indian wind
market, and we look forward to sharing more on
wind development with our valued contributors.
Wind farm development can be contraversial, and
is in many countries (more on that in later issues),
but for now, we take a positive approach to one
of the most important renewable energy sources
there is.
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Sara Kopamees
Editor in Chie