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of hydropower potential exists at the
over 54,000 non-powered dams in the
United States:
“DOE’s new study clearly shows
the tremendous potential for growth
in America’s hydropower industry,
without the need to build a single new
dam. By adding power stations to ex-
isting dam infrastructure in the South,
Rust Belt and other regions of the
country, we can provide clean, afford-
able power to 3.9 million more Ameri-
can homes.”
“The Hydropower Supply Chain
Snapshot, also released this week
shot), highlights nearly 2,000 American
companies – nearly half of which are in
the South and Rust Belt – who stand to
gain from adding power to non-pow-
ered dams as outlined in the
DOE’s study.”
“The effort that the DOE
Water Power Program has
devoted to this and other ini-
tiatives has been invaluable to
the administration’s goal of meeting 15
percent of the nation’s electricity with
hydropower. Today’s report would
not have been possible without the
unprecedented level of support for the
DOE Water Power Program that Con-
gress has demonstrated in recent years.
We applaud Congress for their
approach and urge them to
continue to invest in hydro-
power’s future.”
“It is crucial that we now
work together to unlock hy-
dropower’s potential for growth. The
industry stands ready to work with all
related federal agencies to maximize
the potential at these sites. Doing so
will bring more affordable, reliable
and sustainable electricity to America’s
households and businesses, and ex-
pand economic opportunity for sup-
ply chain companies in communities
across the country.”