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son, Policy Expert, Swedish Bioenergy
Association, Stefan Gsänger, Secretary
General, World Wind Energy Associa-
tion and Paschen von Flotow, Sustain-
able Business Institute. Beyond mitiga-
tion, adaptation through management
of water is also a core issue in respond-
ing to climate change.
Sustainable hydropower’s con-
tribution to mitigation and adaptation
to climate change is poorly under-
stood. Water infrastructure is critical
to global water security and to ensur-
ing resilience to the impacts of climate
change. Hydropower can have a role
to play in providing the financing for
water storage infrastructure which
is critical to adaptation in the water
sector. Adding the hydropower com-
ponent not only provides low-carbon
electricity but also enables communi-
ties to benefit from the multiple servic-
es of water storage such as protection
against floods or droughts” said Ms
Lane today.
The International Hydropower
Association (IHA), as part of the Inter-
national Renewable Energy Alliance
REN Alliance), is actively participat-
ing in the Climate Change Conference
to ensure that negotiations fully rec-
ognise the important contribution that
sustainable hydropower can make in
fostering regional development in a
climate-constrained world.
The 18th Conference of the Parties
COP 18) to the United Nations Frame-
work Convention on Climate Change
UNFCCC) is taking place in Doha
from 26 November to 9 December. It
represents an opportunity for world
decision-makers to make positive steps
towards addressing the interrelated
challenges of climate change, poverty
reduction and sustainable develop-
International Hydropower Associa-
The International Hydropower
Association (IHA) was founded in
under the auspices of
UNESCO. It is an international
not-for-profit organisation, established
to further knowledge on all aspects of
IHAMission: Advancing hydro-
power’s role in sustainable solutions
for clean energy, responsible freshwa-
ter management, and climate change.
IHA Values: Collaborating with
diverse stakeholders; building knowl-
edge and sharing information; and
championing good practice and con-
tinuous improvement.
IHAWork Programme: IHA’s
work programme aims to build knowl-
edge and awareness of hydropower’s
growing role in sustainable develop-
ment and green growth. The work
programme includes:
Sustainability - which aims
to promote and support sustainable
practices in hydropower, including a
balanced focus on the environmen-
tal, social and economic impacts and
benefits of hydropower. This includes
IHA’s work on the Hydropower Sus-
tainability Assessment Protocol and
Hydropower Development
which examines and supports hy-