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alongside the momentum to battle
climate change—an issue that con-
tinues to gain awareness. “A lot of
our success here in Australia has
come from people getting behind
the idea that something is wrong
with our climate,” Taylor comments.
Taylor says that governments
need to support renewable invest-
ment in order for the gradual shift
from traditional energy consump-
tion to renewables to happen. “The
biggest challenge for the renew-
ables business is the constantly
changing goalpost of government
legislation, in many areas of the
world. In North America, legisla-
tion can change not only from state
and province but also from mu-
nicipality to municipality. It can
be extremely difficult to make sure
you comply and do the right thing
within a market. Of course, devel-
oping in new regions can only work
if you can adapt to political chal-
lenges in those areas,” he explains.
So what will the future look
like for Apricus? “We are investing
heavily in other products that will
ensure renewable energy develop-
ment continues on the upswing,”
Taylor says. Taylor and his team
have lofty, but attainable goals.
“When people ask me ‘what’s your
biggest goal for the company’, I tell
them we want to change the future.
We want to change the way people
view and design hot water, change
the way people design houses, and
change what people think about us-
ing renewable energy,” he concludes.